1 John 5:21

Keep away from anything that might take God's place in your hearts. 1 John 5:21

A Special Purpose

TODAY'S PRAYER Lord, I believe that You created me for a special purpose, and that You have a perfect plan for my life. I ask...

All I Ask, God

All I ask is, may God bless all my family and friends who need a miracle. Strengthen all who are weak. Lighten those who...

Give Me Grace

Lord, give me the grace to hear You speak to my heart. Let me understand the message You wish to give me today.

God Is Preparing Us

For God is preparing you a path full of joy, peace and love.

God Is My Hope

At my lowest God is my Hope. At my darkest, God is my Light. At my weakest, God is my Strength. At my saddest,...

Prepare Us, God

O God, to whom belong adoration and praise, prepare us, through the active presence of your Spirit, to come before You rightly. Enlighten our...

A Life Without Pain

God didn’t promise a life without pain, struggles, and hardships. He promises to give you the strength to get through them.

God's Mercy

God's mercy is bigger than any mistake that you've made.


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