I Surrender To You

God, as I continue on my journey today, I surrender my sameness to You. Many ask for Your benefits; today I want only Your...

Pray For Full Restoration

I pray full restoration to all lost opportunities, stolen goods, broken relationships and missed moments in the name of Jesus…

Move Mountains With Faith

You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved with faith.

Ever-Patient God

Father in Heaven, I confess that my emotions can get the best of me at times. I pray for You to mend my messed-up...

When I am tempted to lose patience

Heavenly Father, you know my struggles right now. You know how I battle with my negative thoughts and feelings. They are bothering me time...

Thank You God For Listening

Dear God, I am very thankful for all that you have done for me. At times, I feel ashamed to turn to you for...

Prayer For Protection

Prayer for ProtectionThe Light of God surrounds me. The Love of God enfolds me. The Power of God protects me. The Presence of God...

Keep The Faith

When you are down to nothing, God is up to something. Pray, Keep the Faith & Love with no end.

Under God's Control

Put God in the driver's seat of your life, because anything under His control will never be out of control. Amen.


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