Allow Love To Shine In Our Homes

I praise You, Lord! for the graces granted upon me these past weeks, for the strength and support with which You have enabled me...

A Prayer Of Healing

My prayer for you: I pray for health and healing for you. May God heal any sickness you have, physical, mental, or spiritual. And...

A Prayer Away

No matter how alone you think you are, God is always just a prayer away.

The Lord's Patience

Lord, thank you for being so patient with me.

Joy And Victory

Forgive the people that hurt you. God will pay you back with double the joy, double the victory.

Go To God First

Go to God first, not last.

God Makes Miracle Happen

God can make a miracle happen.

Light And Love

God’s light and love As the air sings with songs of glory, as the water flashes with the silver of creation, as the forests...

God Hears Prayers

God hears prayers.

Everything Is Coming Together

Be patient. Everything is coming together. Whatever you are waiting for is on its way to you.Type "YES" if you believe.


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